We had some people from our small group over to watch football and play board games on New Years Day and we all had a lot of fun. I’m not too interested in football, but we visited and talked about our holidays during the game, too, so it was nice to catch up with everyone. When we got around to playing board games, we once again decided on Settlers. We played the basic game with six players (and even then a few of the “players” were teams). I was soundly beaten this time around. I had seven points at the end of the game, but no real chance to increase that number any time soon. I tried to use an ore-wheat strategy, but ore ended up being pretty scarce throughout the game, so my 2-to-1 ore port initial placement didn’t really do anything useful for me. Curtis won the game without the largest army or the longest road. He managed to build four cities and two settlements (and only seven roads), helped quite a bit by a 2-to-1 sheep port and several placements on fields. We used the dice instead of the new event cards, and it once again demonstrated that the random dice throws can sometimes be very off balance. We rolled considerably more 12’s than 6’s, which was pretty crazy. I think it might be nice to use the event cards for the dice rolls but just ignore the special events on the cards. That gets you a better distribution of numbers but doesn’t disturb the normal game flow that people are used to.