Joy and I went to see the Neko Case concert last night here in town. I don’t think Neko is Joy’s favorite, but she was very kind to come along all the same and put up with her husband’s sometimes unusual taste in music. My mom watched Charis so we got to go out to dinner beforehand, which was nice. The opening act at the concert wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I thought that Neko was very good. She sang almost everything off her latest album, and quite a few older songs as well, including “Deep Red Bells”, “Set Out Running”, “If I Were You”, and “The Tigers Have Spoken”. I would have loved to hear a few of her more uptempo older songs like “Bowling Green”, “Rated X”, or “Soulful Shade of Blue”, but in the context of her latest album, it seemed like a darker set of songs in general. Neko’s voice was awesome and it was even more powerful in person than it comes across in recordings.