I finally gave up and purchased a copy of full-blown Photoshop. I’ve been using Photoshop Elements for a while now, and it just got really frustrating when I would find a Photoshop tutorial on the web that I wanted to learn more about, and then I would discover that Elements had everything referenced in the tutorial except one feature that was only in full Photoshop. That happened enough times that I was starting to think about getting full Photoshop, and then with the forthcoming releaes of Photoshop CS3, Adobe sent me an email offering me the chance to upgrade from Elements to Photoshop CS2 at a significantly reduced price. That was just too hard to pass up. True, my copy of Photoshop is one version back from the absolute newest version, but it still has pretty much everything I was missing from Photoshop Elements, and if I ever decide I need something from CS3, I can get the newer version for the upgrade price instead of the full price for a new license.