In preparation for Micaiah’s arrival, we decided to stop our DirecTV service to save some money on monthly bills. We can get all of our local channels in high definition using the antenna in our attic, so we’re just going to go with that and see how we do. After using TiVo for many years, though, we decided that we definitely wanted to keep using one. So I sold our DirecTV TiVo and we got one of the new Series 3 TiVos that can record HD from antennas or cable cards. The Series 3 has all kinds of nifty features that DirecTV does not implement on its boxes, so that’s kind of cool. We can share music and pictures from our computers, download movies from Amazon Unbox, and get our local weather forecast. So while we still have a TiVo, Joy is going through withdrawl from HGTV, Discovery and National Geographic. But I think she’s finding a few shows on PBS that she likes, so hopefully that will help.