There have been two old silent films that I’ve really wanted to get copies of for a long time. I’ve had them on my TiVo wishlist for years, but they’ve never been shown on tv during that time (or at least not on the channels I receive). But then again, I can admit that the market for silent films on tv is probably pretty small. :-) Anyway, one of them (Greed, 1924) has never been released on DVD anywhere, and the other (The Crowd, 1928) has never been released on DVD in the US, but recently became available as an import.

I’ve been watching eBay and used items on Amazon to try to pick up a reasonably priced VHS tape of Greed. Even the videotapes have been really expensive for the past few years, but lately the prices have come down a lot. I was able to purchase a tape recently for less than $20, which is great. And I also went ahead and ordered an import copy of The Crowd from Amazon (also less than $20), so both of the movies are on their way to me. I’m excited to receive them and finally get a chance to watch both of them.