Last week Joy and I went to see Chris Thile and How To Grow A Band at a theater downtown. It was our last real evening out before the new baby arrives, and it was really nice to have that time with each other. We went to dinner before the concert and then headed downtown. We had seats in the fifth row, and it was really fun to be that close. The band was awesome. They sounded great and played pretty much every song off of their album, plus several selections from Chris’s previous albums, and a couple of other songs to highlight the other members of the band. In addition to being an amazing mandolin player, Chris Thile is also a great entertainer. He had a lot of funny things to say between songs, and he just really looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage. It’s amazing to see such accomplished musicians. They’re playing incredibly difficult stuff, but they make it look so easy. I’d highly recommend catching these guys if they do a show near you.