Our TiVo started acting up yesterday, which is a bit frustrating because it is only a couple of months old, but they are sending a replacement unit at their expense, so I can’t complain too much (other than to mention that their wait times for technical support are ridiculously long – even worse than the last time I had to call Dell). Anyway, during the course of the phone call they wanted me to try several different troubleshooting ideas before they were willing to send me a replacement, and near the end of the conversation, the customer service agent said, “I just need to you try one more thing before we can continue with the process. I need you to try restarting your antenna real quick.” Joy was sitting in the next room and she said my voice was both incredulous and a bit exasperated as I said, “Excuse me, but did you just ask me to restart my antenna?!?” The agent confirmed that he in fact did ask me to do just that. I explained (for the second time) that I have a passive antenna in the attic connected to the TiVo with a coaxial cable, and that’s it. You can’t have a much simpler setup than that, and of course, there’s no way to restart something that doesn’t connect to electricity in the first place. So I think the agent got a clue and said “Ok, nevermind, we’ll just go ahead and process a replacement unit for you.” Seriously, though, restart my antenna?!?