I love Jane Austen stuff. Books, movies, whatever, I like it all. And so recently I decided to try to find a reasonably priced set of hardcover Jane Austen novels to replace some of the worn out paperbacks I had. And after some searching around on Amazon and a few other places, I found a series that included all of the major novels and a compilation of shorter works, plus the price was right, so I went ahead and placed my order. When they arrived I was quite pleased with them, except I was a bit confused as to why one of the books (Mansfield Park) had a completely different cover design than the rest. At first I thought that the oddball book was an older or newer version that Amazon sent because that’s what they had in stock, but when I checked with the publisher, I discovered that they printed this one book in the series with a completely different design than the other books. Why on earth would a publisher do that?