When I was elementary school, I remember that my dad had a couple of really cool Lego sets, including a big car chassis and a crane. I loved looking at them when I was little, and I liked building them when I was a bit older. It turns out that Lego eventually released five different car chassis sets over time (the one my dad had was the first), and Joy let me order a couple of them off eBay recently, just for fun. The first to arrive was the fourth car that was released (Lego set 8880). It’s the most complicated technically since it is four-wheel drive with four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel steering, and it also has a four-speed transmission. I had a lot of fun putting it together and Charis was quite fascinated by it (“dada has Legos like Charis!” and “you made it all by yourself dad!”). She really likes to watch the parts of the engine move as you roll the car along (“the fan has blades dad!”).