A few weeks ago Joy and I went to see Nickel Creek with some friends of ours. It was such a nice treat to go out to dinner and a concert with good friends. As always, the concert was great. They ran through all of their popular songs from all three albums, but I think they did fewer cover songs than last time they were here. They ended the first half with “The Fox”, which made me wonder what in the world they were going to do for a big number at the end of the concert. It turns out they were saving their cover of “Toxic” for the end, which they have now perfected in its craziness (lots of Chris dancing this time, which we didn’t see before). All in all a great show, and it makes me look forward all the more to Sara’s first solo album when it comes out next year. Oh, and I’ve been blogging long enough now that I can also refer you to my post from the last time Nickel Creek came through town.