Joy and I went to see an Anuna concert a few weeks ago. They are a Celtic group that I had never heard of until they were one of the events in our season subscription. As it turned out, they were really good. The group is made up of about 15 singers, pretty evenly split between men and women, and four instrumentalists (guitar, harp, violin, and percussion). They don’t perform only traditional Celtic music, but also medieval and sacred works in various languages. I’ve always wondered how this kind of music would be performed live, and apparently this is how you do it (and do it well).

Some of the pieces were stunningly beautiful. “Marble Halls”, “Pie Jesu”, and “Greensleeves” were particularly good, but the highlight was “Jerusalem”. For “Jerusalem”, five female vocalists came down from the stage and positioned themselves around the lower floor of the theater, spread throughout the audience. Then they sang in what can best be described as a kind of round, while walking slowly around the theater aisles (not in a circle or anything, just kind of randomly). The unamplified voices swirled and soared, completely surrounding you with voices from every direction. I think that was possibly the most ethereal, beautiful music I have ever heard performed live. Really, it was truly amazing. If you ever have the chance, Anuna is a concert you don’t want to miss.