Last night Joy and I went to see Cirque Eloize Rain as the next event in our subscription to theater events here in town. It was kind of like Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy that we saw before (as part of a different subscription series), yet quite different at the same time. I think perhaps the individual performers in Jungle Fantasy were doing more complicated stuff, but other than that Rain had it beat in all other respects. The entire show just had a great feel to it, fantastic music, a great unifying look throughout, and a wonderful artistic vision behind everything going on. I thought it was very engaging and just a lot of fun to watch. The performers were obviously having a great time, too. In particular the Roue Cyr (giant hoop) performer was unbelievable, and the finale was really quite amazing, with water pouring down and several inches of standing water in the stage. When we left the theater, Joy and I both said we’d go see it again immediately if we could. There’s a couple of pictures and a short video clip below to get a small taste of the show.

Cirque Eloize Rain

Roue Cyr