I’ve been holding out on buying an HD disc player until the whole Blu-ray vs HD-DVD thing gets sorted out. The players have come down in price to the point that they are getting to be pretty reasonable, but I don’t want to start buying media in a format that is destined to be the next betamax.

For a while it looked like the two formats might be reaching some kind of stalemate, but there was a bombshell announcement in the days leading up to CES at the beginning of the month: Warner was switching from HD-DVD to Blu-ray, giving Blu-ray a commanding lead in movie studio support. But would that make a real difference in market share? This morning The Digital Bits posted an amazing graph. On the left is the ratio of Blu-ray to HD-DVD player sales for the week ending 1/5, and on the right is the same thing for the week ending 1/12 (that’s the week before and the week after the Warner announcement). Wow! If this trend continues, the format battle is going to over sooner rather than later.

Blu-ray vs HD-DVD: Before and after the Warner announcement