Joy and I got to see the musical “Movin’ Out” last week. The music for the show is made up entirely of Billy Joel songs, and since I grew up hearing my parents play Billy Joel on a regular basis, it was all familiar to me. It was different from other musicals I’ve seen in the past in that all of the singing is done by a band and the performers are acting everything out in dance without speaking. The piano player also sang all of the songs (a la Billy Joel) and he did a really nice job. Several of the dancers were also very good, and the choreography was entertaining and creative. Of course, as with many modern musicals, there was the obligatory drugs/sex/prostitution number (Les Miserables has “Lovely Ladies”, Miss Saigon has “The Heat Is On In Saigon”, Rent has “Contact”). In this case it was “Captain Jack”, and in my opinion the entire show would have been much better off without it. But with the exception of that one number, Joy and I both liked the show. While I prefer musicals with a little bit more storyline and where the performers themselves do the singing, I’d have to say that, as a lighthearted, just sit back and take it all in kind of show, Movin’ Out was pretty good.

Movin Out 1

Movin Out 2