One of the blogs I read posts a “Timewaster of the Day” flash game almost every day. Most of them don’t seem very interesting, but occasionally they post about one that seems like it would be kind of fun. Recently they posted about a game called “Mass Attack” and I just had to try it out.

You try to balance weights on a scale (I know, it sounds fun, doesn’t it?) and the closer you get to balancing, the better your score. The game starts with weights on one side and you have to add weights to the other side to try to make the scale balance. You make a weight by holding down your mouse button and the weight grows larger until you let go of the button. Playing the game is really simple once you’ve done the first level or two, but getting the correct balance gets pretty tricky in the later levels. On the day I played it, I made the hall of fame with the 30th best score for that day.

Mass Attack