Since I haven’t been posting much lately, you might guess that I must have something I really want to share. In this case that’s certainly true. As I think I have mentioned here before, I order a ton of stuff from Amazon, so their suggestion algorithm pretty frequently comes up with decent suggestions of other things I might be interested in. A couple of months ago it suggested a CD by Jason Upton. I had never heard of him before, but it looked like a Christian CD, so I went a read some of the reviews. This review was enough to get me to add the CD to my wishlist:

“Remember the first time you heard Keith Green? You knew you were listening to a minister who used music to get his message across, not an entertainer. That’s the same feeling you’ll get when listening to this CD. This was my introduction to Jason Upton, and I have to say, I was blown away. Almost every song on this CD will stop you in your tracks to listen. I have over 500 CDs, and I can safely say this one is my choice when I need something to help me find God in my day-to-day busy-ness. This is not mainstream radio music, as most of the tracks are well over 5 minutes long, but this is ministry.”

Fast forward a couple of months and it turns out that my mom got me Jason Upton’s “Faith” CD from my wishlist for father’s day. A few days later I pulled it up to listen to at work and pretty much stopped dead in my tracks. Unbelievable. God is at work though the music of Jason Upton. Full stop. It is by far the most amazing worship CD I have ever heard. I don’t know if it just meets me exactly where I am right now or what. I listed to the CD all day long, and all the next day, too. Then I went home and looked on Amazon for anything else by Jason Upton. They had two more CDs: “Great River Road” and “Beautiful People”. Joy’s mom had given me an Amazon gift certificate for father’s day, so I immediately ordered both of the other CDs. They came a couple of days later and I took them to work the very next day to listen to them. They were a couple of years newer than “Faith”, so the musical style was a bit different, but they still had the same amazing power of ministry to me. So that night I went home and scrounged the internet for anything else he might have done, maybe out of print CDs or something else. It turns out he also had eight more CDs that he had released independently (the three CDs I bought on Amazon were all on actual record labels, which is why Amazon had them). I found a place online that had all eight, so I ordered them on the spot. I’m still waiting for those to come in the mail, but in the interim I’ve been listening to the three CDs I have almost constantly.

It isn’t really so much music to sing along to (well some of the songs are, but certainly not all of them). In many ways it’s music to just listen to and let the truth speak over you. It’s music that makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing and just sit and listen. And while the musical style is not the same as Keith Green, Jason’s intensity and passion in his ministry is certainly similar. I just find the music and message extremely powerful and anointed. It makes me long to love and worship God with my whole heart. I’ve never heard music that speaks to me like this before in my life. I believe God is speaking directly to my heart through some of these songs. It’s almost like it was written just for me. So while I can’t claim that this is the perfect music for everyone, I can certainly say that is has touched my heart, and is continuing to do so. After the jump I’ve included some (partial) lyrics from a few of Jason’s songs.

  • Jason Upton’s web site
  • Jason Upton – Beautiful People (at Amazon)
  • Jason Upton – Faith (at Amazon)
  • Jason Upton – Great River Road (at Amazon)

  • Sons And Daughters (from “Beautiful People”)

    Do you know? You’re a word from heaven.
    Do you know? You’re a child of God.
    Do you really know?

    Every word sent down from heaven
    will not go back up
    until it’s succeeded
    in what he sent it to do.

    Do you know? You’re a word from heaven.
    Do you know? You’re a child of God.
    Do you really know?

    All of heaven is waiting.
    All creation is groaning.
    In expectation.
    Do you really know?

    Never Alone (from “Beautiful People”)

    Sometimes we feel so afraid.
    Sometimes we feel so alone.
    Sometimes we feel confused.
    Sometimes we feel so helpless.

    And we don’t know what to do.
    So hard to believe.
    I never heard the voice,
    of a father say to me:

    You’re not alone. You’re not alone.
    I never leave you. I never leave you.
    You’re not alone. You’re not alone.
    I never leave you. I never leave you.

    I’m not alone. I’m not alone.
    You never leave me. You never leave me.
    I’m not alone. I’m not alone.
    You never leave me. You never leave me.

    Everything You Do (from “Beautiful People”)

    Everything you do, I want to do it, too.
    Cause doing things with you, it makes me happy.
    Everything you say, I want to say it, too.
    And even when I say it wrong we just start laughing.

    Merciful Father, I’m learning to trust you love me the way that I am.
    The simple desire to help you means more to you than whether I really can.

    I Will Wait (from “Faith”)

    There’s a wall that stands in front of me,
    That I know I just can’t climb.
    But like an eagle you will carry me.
    It’s just a matter of time.

    I will wait for you, Jesus.
    You’re the sun in my horizon.
    I will wait for you, Jesus.
    I can see you now arising.

    No Sacrifice (from “Faith”)

    To you I give my life.
    Not just the parts I want to.
    To you I sacrifice,
    These dreams that I hold on to.

    Your thoughts are higher than mine.
    Your words are deeper than mine.
    Your love is stronger than mine.
    This is no sacrifice: Here’s my life.