We’ve had a TiVo since one of the very first models that could record a grand total of five hours of television at high quality. Joy and I don’t watch that much tv at our house, but the little bit we do watch is never according to the tv broadcast schedule, especially now that we have kids. So the TiVo has been a great thing to have, but a TiVo is all that Charis has ever known. She was watching an episode of Dora The Explorer over the holidays, and it was the Pirate Adventure episode (Turn the wheel Esau! Esau turn the wheel!), which is longer than a typical Dora at nearly an hour, so there is a commercial break in the middle. I was in the other room while she was watching the show and suddenly Charis just started screaming and crying and saying that Dora was “broken”. You guessed it: the commercial break had started and Charis had no idea what was going on since the TiVo fast foward button had always kept her from seeing commercials in the past.