Charis got a neat little magnetic dress up doll set for Christmas. It has a wooden figure and the various clothes you can dress it in that are magnets that stick to the doll. And actually she has two of them: one is a princess and one is supposed to be just a regular girl, but Charis is sure that they are both princesses. She also got a small set of Disney princess figurines, with all of her favorites, which right now are Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, and Cinderlla. Her favorites change from time to time, except the list always includes Jasmine, which Joy and I think is kind of hilarious because she is the Disney princess who is consistently wearing the least clothing. Go figure. Anyway, Charis has “rest time” now in the afternoons instead of a nap, and after rest time one day last week I went into her room and found this:


She made her magnetic dress up dolls look just like the Disney princesses, and she even had the Disney princesses set up in front of them just like in the picture. She was quite proud of herself, too.