On most days (when she is well behaved), Charis gets to watch one 30 minute dvd or tv show. She usually watches it while Joy is preparing a meal or putting away groceries or something like that, so that Charis stays occupied while mom is busy. We have a couple of VeggieTales dvds and a pair of dvds of Christian children’s songs that Charis likes, but her very favorite is Sid The Science Kid on PBS. And I have to say, as far as children’s shows go, Sid is better than most. It’s educational as well as entertaining, and it has a lot of positive messages. Sid has positive role models in his mom and dad, grandmother, and teacher. My favorite part of the show is when Sid’s mom is driving him to school and he sings “I love my mom! (uh huh) My mom is cool! (uh huh)”. Charis sings that to Joy a couple of times a day and she also sings a dad version to me. It’s pretty cute. The only catch with Sid is that they have only produced 20 episodes so far, and we’ve seen them all a million times. We really need some new ones!