I started off the year well as far as blog posting goes, but you may have noticed that I have missed posting for a few days now. That’s because I’ve been working on the next step in our changes around here. As I mentioned in a previous post, those changes include replacing my previous desktop computer with slower one in the stereo rack down in the family room. Last Thursday I took apart my old desktop and gathered all of the parts that I intended to transfer to the new machine. Friday the new case and parts arrived, so I put the new machine together that evening, and other than a small problem with my wireless keyboard, everything went together pretty well. With slower components in place, the new machine runs very quietly and it also manages to stay pretty cool, which is great.

Saturday I tackled the big task of getting all of my stuff out of the closet in what will become Charis’s room. I had my remaining DVDs, a bunch of board games, my camera equipment, and various other odds and ends in the closet. I moved most of the stuff to a linen closet we have in the hallway upstairs, but some of the stuff went out to the garage and to a few other places around the house, and some of it migrated to our growing “give away” pile. I also moved the dsl modem and wireless router that had been in that same room elsewhere in the house. While I was working on that, Joy put away all of our Christmas decorations.

Saturday evening I started installing all of my various software programs on the new machine to get it to a usable state. It just takes a while to get everything installed and configured, but at this point I’m probably about 85% finished with all of that. Once the new machine was fairly stable I started running a DOD 7-pass wipe on all of my old hard drives to get them safely cleaned up and ready to go. Those wipes take a long time to run, but I eventually finished all of the old drives.

So here I am now on Monday night. It was a busy weekend, to be sure, but I feel like we made some real progress moving more stuff out of Charis’s future room. And I’m also writing this post from the new computer downstairs, which is another sign of progress. Once we move the rest of Joy’s craft stuff out of Charis’s future room, we should be ready to start painting.