Whew! I haven’t really been that busy, but it feels like it has been a crazy week anyway. I think I have almost everything installed on the new computer now, which is great because it is one less thing stuck in an unsettled state. It turned out that the first motherboard was faulty (e-SATA port was not working), so I had to exchange it at Amazon for another one, which meant pulling out the first motherboard and installing the replacement. Kind of a hassle, but at least Amazon is great about returns so that part wasn’t a problem. And now everything seems to be working properly, so we should be all set.

Since I had to go to Amazon anyway to set up the exchange, I also took the opportunity to order the soundtrack for a movie that I rented from Netflix recently. The movie is “Once”, and it’s pretty much a story about a man and a woman and their journey when they are both away from home, but it’s told with a lot of music (the two main characters are musicians) and the movie is almost even a musical itself in some ways. I really liked the movie a lot, save for a bit of coarse language, and the music was just fabulous, so I wanted to get the soundtrack. In fact, I am listening to it right now as I write this post. If you listen to a few clips from the soundtrack on Amazon or iTunes and you are even remotely interested in the music then I would highly recommend the movie.