Animals: a saltwater reef tank
Best Friend(s): my wife, Abe, Carrie
Cohabitants: my wife, daughter, and son
Eye Color: hazel
Favorite Foods: Italian Market and Grill, Panera Bread, Steak and Shake, Marble Slab, mac and cheese, nachos
Games: Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Acquire, Scattergories, spades
Habits: extremely organized, everything in its place, brushing my teeth a lot
Interests: movies, music, programming, photography
Job: software programmer
Kitchen…wonder or blunder: probably more of a blunder, but I can make mac and cheese (even the real not-microwave kind)
Languages: English, a little bit of Spanish
Most valued possession: Bible
Name (named after?): Brad, no one in particular
Outfit you love: khakis, long-sleeved polo shirt, birkenstock sandals
Pizza toppings: cheese, ham, pepperoni, vegetables
Question asked to you the most: how hard would it be to [fill in the blank with an improbable feature request at work]
Relationship: married November 21, 1998
Sport to watch: baseball, volleyball, swimming, diving
Television show(s): Gilmore Girls, American Hot Rod, Mythbusters, Austin City Limits
Unsavory characteristic: not patient, quick to judge
Video: Spirited Away, Amelie, My Neighbor Totoro, Emma, Sunrise, Passion of Joan of Arc, Lion King, City Lights, Henry V (see my movie collection here)
Webpage: you can find me at
Xylophone (or other instrument): I used to play the flute, I can play guitar a little bit
Year born: 1975
Zodiac Sign: sagittarius






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